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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

We have a Winner,  and she takes ALL!
Julia   Zimmer

From this...

moose in white.jpg

to this...Extraordinary  Work!!!

IMG_20221201_114539468 (3).jpg

Julia Zimmer and daughter, Lenora

Interview with  the Winner!

We were able to grab a few minutes on the phone with Julia, after notifying her of her winning entry. Julia is a proud, single mom, of Eastwood.


DB: Well Julia, congratulations on becoming the "Queen of Coloring" for our Sticks Mulduzi, Winter 2022 Adult Coloring Contest. Your entry is winner takes all!


Julia: Thanks, It's very exciting!


DB: Can you tell us a little about your artistic background?


Julia: I have always loved to paint, draw, quilt, etc. ever since I was my daughter's age of 6. Mostly for or with my family. I've been trained as an architect, so I did a rendering of my grandmother's house, which still hangs on her Living Room wall! 


DB: She must be proud to see that every day.


Julia: Well I only see the mistakes I made, but I've learned to live with them!


DB: Tell us what you used to color the Moose.


Julia: The Prismacolor marker set I used (about 100!) was what I found at a yard sale for $20.00


DB Wow, lucky markers!   


Julia:  Yes, I guess so! Anyway, I love alcohol markers like these because you can do layers of color. Over days I would put one layer down and then finish another day, until I got the saturation or shade I wanted. 


DB: Did your work as an architect help you on this project?


Julia: Actually, most of my architectural work relies on digital renderings.

But I was lucky because at The University of NM where I studied the whole first year required hand drawing. One thinks a lot more about whether a line goes "here" or "there" when working with Indian ink or Mylar. You learn to love your mistakes or start over from scratch! 


DB: When you started on this project what was going on in your life?


Julia: The timing was good. It was fun to work on the image because my life was settling down a bit so that I could even enjoy a hot bath in a clawfoot tub. Coloring over several days helped me unwind too, like the Moose!


DB: How do you plan to use your prizes?


Julia: First off, I am grateful for the prizes. I'll probably use them for myself.

There is a Pyrex piece at the Marketplace I simply must have! Since Santa doesn't bring gifts to single moms, that will be something under the tree for me to unwrap too!


DB: Well, we hope you will enjoy every moment of this holiday season. Thank you for sharing your coloring skills in our contest!


Julia: You're welcome!  Thank you!


Gift card to Marketplace on James

A Set of Coloring Pens

A Gift card to Cafe Kubal, and your work on a T-shirt!

Your winning work and name on Social Media and the Sticks Mudluzi website!

IMG_3710 (1).jpg

What the Judges had to say...

Our contest judges for Sticks Mulduzi Winter 2022 coloring contest. 

Cher Jiang.jpg

Cher Jiang


andrew face.jpg

Andrew Skinner



Emma Tram


"The coloring of this work is skillfully saturated so that color relationships are very coordinated. Similar matching hues help the main image to "pop" so that it draws you in and is easy on the eyes. The detail in completion is very high."

"This version of the colorized image shows a nice use of colors. It produces a 3D effect where shading matches the whole (original) drawing style. I like how the floor and mirror have a reflective quality. The person who colored this clearly knew what they were doing."

"The overall color application is smooth, especially the bathtub. The light teal color of the bathroom is soothing. Nice attention to detail in the reflected towels on the mirror. The pink color of the bowl and the wine bottle creates a nice visual movement of the eye. The moose is mixing beer and wine! He is in full relaxation mode. ”

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Featured Fall Art Gallery

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Spring  Coloring Contest Winners!

For Residents of Onondaga County Ages 7-12.

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1st Place Winner!


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