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About Chris “Sticks”

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“Be good, lead from the heart, follow your dreams, and go out with love.” This would be ” Sticks” advice.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment, below, a remembrance of Chris (artist, illustrator), or a request for obtaining a framed or printed image, before we have our online store up. 

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Glyn Bostick, 1923-1999

Emily Bostick, 1921-2010

His art was applied as sketches in company brochures and books, as well as private requests for events and celebrations. The personal requests he fulfilled with art won him little if any money. He simply loved to delight people, and rarely thought about himself.

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Work and Contributions:

Art Director for History of Physical Culture

Artwork for

Muscles of Iron, MOI Website


After the death of his mother, Emily, (in 2010) Chris created a retro Syracuse page, putting Syracuse favorites on the map with stunning character, and helped his art reach a new audience. An online retail recreational clothing house, and a friend, asked if he could do some images. Chris created nostalgic images of Syracuse past, famous sports characters, then dozens of stunning one of a kind pieces. Major sports teams etc., were soon fans and wanted to feature their own brands. Chris also became art director for the History of Physical Culture, producing flip books, humor and instructions that went along with his passion for strength training.  


Competing with his passion to make art, Chris devoted himself to friends and  family and would do anything for them. He was caregiver for his father, Glyn Bostick from 1996-1999, when Glyn died of bone cancer. He took care of his mother from 2006-2010, as cancer, dementia finally took her in June of 2010.


Within a short time, his brother David moved in to the family home. As a recovered alcoholic, new problems developed such as a bi-polar diagnosis, and then neurological disturbances.  Chris had secured a regular maintenance job at a commercial building so he and David could keep active. When David’s gate was off, and his fatigue kicked in, tests began.


In late 2017 David’s tests revealed that he had ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease. By early 2018 David was installed in a special facility in New Hartford, Sitrin. There, he declined rapidly as the disease progressed. Chris and his sister, said goodbye to David at St Luke’s hospital in Utica, after a bout of pneumonia had weakened him further.


Chris spent happier moments with his nephews, Joshua and Nathan. He frequently polled their father, Daniel and their mother, Janine, about gift ideas for birthday or holidays. Winners were often musical instruments and accessories for Nate, books for Josh. Chris never let anyone be forgotten on a birthday, or suffer any lack of attention on major holidays. 


But on May 3rd, Sticks was alone, and was found among two passions that had made his life well worth living, his Art and Weight gear.. When his hands didn’t work, his life stopped. The least that should be is, that his art is preserved and his life will be celebrated. I hope with this site, we have started on that path, and that you enjoyed the scenery.

Sticks, you were rare, and will be sorely missed.

Watch for our online store with treasures to capture for yourself

while we benefit with partial proceeds to selected charities. 

David John Bostick, 1960-2019

Chris with young Joshua

Chris with young Nathan

Young Diane & Chris With Dad

Young Chris

Diane Pic Feb 2021.jpg

Diane Bostick, Curator

”The tapestry of strength and experience we've built belongs to the ages and each others souls. Physical culture weavers will add to it and we will celebrate, practice it and maybe have a few chuckles along the way.”  ~ Sticks

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