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Adult Coloring Book brings Syracuse woman’s late brothers legacy to life

Featured on WSYR 9 News • Syracuse, NY

~ What He Left Behind ~

Many people clean up and rehab a family home for sale.  They’ll find old socks, expired spices and moth balls. Well, I found a lot of these, plus thousands of hand drawn images that my brother Chris “Sticks” Bostick, artist and illustrator, left behind. They are a lot more fun than old socks or moth balls!

Chris contributed to a few internet sites that are linked in this website, and you can see what was already known about his talent. What’s here is a much larger scope of his images that have been categorized and fully restored.

sticks copy.jpg
nate with Uncle Chris and guitar pix Tre

Chris with young Nathan

On May 3, 2019, two strong, gentle hands and one big heart left this earth. Whether as a shipping clerk, art director, caregiver, weightlifter, guitar player, friend, brother, uncle, son; Sticks put 100% commitment into each role. 


I don’t know how he feels about his little sister messing with his artwork. But I can’t throw things out!  Edgy, irreverent, hilarious, sarcastic; these are some descriptions. Words can’t  compete with what happened when “Sticks” escaped into an 8 x 10” piece of paper. But they are a start.

Family gatherings were elevated by zaniness. Enduring memories of “Sticks” are preserved, with his sister, Diane, brother Daniel, his nephews, Joshua and Nathan, their mother, Janine, and Bridget and extended family members and friends.

Chris with guitar.jpg

Now is the perfect time to share his freshly captured, signature comic images with the larger public.

Chris once asked “Will you miss me?”

My answer now, “Not possible, I have you inside every drawing…. but you could have done something with all those old socks!”  ~ Diane Bostick

Diane’s Charity, The Vera House

A portion of all proceeds are donated to Victims of

Domestic Abuse, at The Vera House in Syracuse, NY

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