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“Sticks Art”

Chris’ stocky, muscular 5’7” frame easily matched his interests of strength training and boxing. The boxing caught fire in a friend’s basement  where his buddies drank, then put on gloves and started beating on each other. No, I’m not making this up.


One day, the facial cuts and bruises reward he’d won this way left his mother in tears. That’s when he turned the big basement family room into an art studio one side and weight training system the other.



He took up paper and pencil, and that’s where he lifted and drew for the rest of his life, entertaining passersby frequently. The morning he left us, he was found among partially finished clay figurines, boxes of images, pencil and sculpting tools and weight gear. His greatest collection of images: Body Builders, Animals, One Shot Comics, Retro Syracuse, and Scenes.

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