“Sticks” Memorial Wall

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Diane Bostick, Curator


From Scott Soffin: Great job! I'm ordering.. Absolutely glad to share art and encourage usage.

From Tom Capo: I ordered one of the coloring books (my wife has lots of 'em and will add it to her collection). I also like the Nostalgic Syracuse drawings, especially the sports themed ones like Carmen Basilio. Chris's drawing style reminds me a lot of Robert Crumb's.

From Peter Yates: “There is not a day goes by that I am not reminded of my dear buddy Sticks. Whether it's the images on a T-shirt he created, personal artwork he gave me or seeing his picture on the wall in my gym, he is always with me. Chris was the kindest and most generous person I ever knew, his work should be more well known and now I trust it will be. I am so proud to have been his friend.”


From Nancy Roberts: Writer, Editor at Table Hopping Magazine: “So much talent - you and him!”

From Richard Purcell: Vet Center Rep.: “Great job on this website, Diane and Rob! Chris was very talented.”